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This fall, we will be opened Thurs, Fri, Saturday 10-7 and Sunday 12-7. 

Hope you can make it to next year’s Jazz Blueberry Trail Run the last Sunday in July! Come and celebrate with us with the Jazz Blueberry Trail Run/Walk at 9 am and go picking afterwards at the farm!  

Click below to sign up: https://runsignup.com/Race/MI/Shelby/JazzBlueberryTrailRun5KRunWalkKids1MileFunRun


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Jazz Blueberries

At Jazz Blueberries, we strive to provide the highest quality, best tasting blueberries in a socially responsible manner, utilizing environmentally sensitive farming methods. This approach to farming has sustained our  farm for generations with the Andrews Family and now our family is blessed to be taking over the tradition.   We want to provide you with superior quality fruit.

We would love the opportunity to satisfy your appetite for fresh-from-the-farm blueberries that You Pick or We Pick at our farm near the Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Shelby, MI or sell at certain local farm markets including New Era, Hart, and Pentwater. Not only do Jazz Blueberries taste delicious, but blueberries are considered to be a “super fruit” due to their extensive health benefits. Make Jazz Blueberries a must-have this summer! Our harvest season normally runs from early July through early September.

Announcing Fall Hours!

Jazz Blueberry Farm

This fall we plan to be opened Thurs, Fri and Sat from 10-7 and Sunday 12-7. PLEASE CALL TO PRE-ORDER pre-picked berries. 



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Vegetables and fresh flowers

We are also growing many other seasonal fruits and vegetables.  Please contact us if you'd like to buy our fresh raspberrIVES, strawberries, zucchini, rhubarb, tomatoes, watermelon, squash, sweet corn, radishes, pumpkins, lettuce, kale, spinach, fresh herbs, and beautiful cut flowers!  Please contact us via email if you'd like to purchase any of the above seasonally!

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Our Fruit and How to Order


Our blueberry season kicks off with the large Patriot variety, an early season favorite known for its mild flavor and firmness as well as its size.

Mid-season varieties include the Weymouth, Giant Patriot, Stanley, and the late-season Coville's  and are particularly customer favorite due theit luscious taste of these blueberries.

How To Order
Ready-picked blueberries are sold in five pound boxes and are available any day during the harvest season. To provide you the freshest possible fruit, please e-mail your order to jazz@jazzrunning.com or call Katie & Bob at 734-649-6351. You will receive a confirming e-mail or phone call. Your order will be ready for pick-up at our home 7223 W. Grant Rd. Shelby, MI 49455. Cash or checks made payable to Jazz Running or to Bob Jazwinski  are gratefully accepted.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Rain can cause delays, as no picking can occur until blueberries are dry.
  • Orders placed after 3:00pm will be ready for pick-up on the next business day.
  • An order exceeding five boxes may require an additional day turnaround.

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About the History of Our Farm


Centennial Farms are a vanishing type across Michigan. The Jazwinski family Centennial Farm continues to boldly carry on its farming operations that started back in 1930, when the Andrews Family moved into the family farm home. Blueberries had been the Andrews specialty since Dorothy Andrews, a true farm girl at heart, planted the first four blueberry bushes in the early 1930's, garnering their very first harvest. Eventually, she and her husband Leonard were joined by their three children to manage the farm. The blueberry farm has been expanding ever since and most recently, making available the most sought-after varieties that taste great and are easy to pick in the Shelby area.

Katie and Bob Jazwinski, along with their children Jessie, Bobby, Sammi, and Johnny along with their yellow lab Sandy Rose are proud to carry on the legacy of the Andrews Family in providing premium quality blueberries for harvest – early, mid, and late season. We hope that our devotion to blueberry farming will carry on to the next generation with our children someday.

While life has certainly changed dramatically over the years, values such as old-fashioned hard work, honesty, and friendly service remain steadfast. We remain committed to bringing you the highest quality fruit at reasonable prices. Come on out this summer for a “down-on-the-farm” experience! 

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Better yet, see us in person!

We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.  We are open EVERYDAY EXCEPT TUESDAYS in July through September and will be at the local farmers market Pentwater on Monday’s and Thursday’s.  Please visit us or call us 734-649-6351. 

7223 W. Grant Rd.

Shelby, MI 49455

Jazz U-Pick/We-Pick Blueberries

7223 West Grant Road, Shelby, Michigan 49455, United States

734-649-6351 or 231-215-9233

Hours from July 27 through September.


We are so excited to be continuing the family-owned tradition  “Jazz Blueberries” formerly “Andrews Blueberries”!  

We hope you can come up and join us in our neck of the woods to blueberry pick on our farm this summer!

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